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Welcome to Ounaskievari Reindeer Farm. We are located seven kilometers from Levi- Center, in Köngäs village. We have been working here for over 20 years and offer a variety of reindeer ride to our guests.

Visit in a Reindeer Farm

Our shortest ride is about one kilometer long, Kiepahus and trail goes partly in forest. Also in this trip you can feed the reindeer, take some photos and you can hear story and see some photos about reindeers and life over here in Lapland. You can drive your reindeer by yourself or just enjoy your ride and we will drive. Off course we will serve you coffee/tea/hot chocolate in our house.

This program lasts about 1-1,5 hours.

Minimum is 2 persons.


Three kilometres drive in a forest. You can drive by your own reindeer or just enjoy your ride and we will drive. The drive takes about 10 to 45 minits depend on drivers skills and reindeers mind.

After the drive and photos coffee / tea / hot chocolate is served in warm and cozy Ounaskievari main building.

Program lasts about one hour.

Minimum is 2 persons.

Pororetki, three kilometres ride and hut

A drive in a forest, during the trip we stop for a break in awooden lappish kota-tent ( built in summer 2007). In the kota, we cook some warm drinks and fry sausages on open fire and enjoy the quiet lappish nature. We can also serve some lounch and dinners there.

Program lasts about two hours.

Minimum is 2 persons.


A longer trip to Silmävasa kota, which is located about 5 kilometers from Ounaskievari reindeer farm. The trail goes through snowy forests,and on a good weather the reindeers might get excited and make a little race to the coffee break.

In Silmävasa kota village, we make warm drinks (coffee / tea)Â and fry pancakes on open fire. Naturally on separate order, lunch can be served in kota village too.

Program lasts about three hours.

We will start this program after the middle of January.

Minimum for this trip is 4 people.

We can also organize transportation in separate order to all these programs.

If it is more than -25 degrees below zero we have a possibility to cancel these programs.

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